STADLER – the global specialist for automated sorting systems and components

Our focus: people and environment

To solve and manage the global waste problem we need functioning recycling streams. It is imperative that there are professional sorting systems according to materials and colours on a large scale with the aim to achieve the greatest possible purity of materials. As an experienced specialist in the field of turnkey, automated sorting systems and high-performance components, we provide a valuable contribution to this.

As a family business with a long tradition, we always have the wishes and requirements of our customers in mind. Whether it´s a new construction, conversion, modernisation or maintenance and repair of sorting systems – our experienced teams of experts from the fields of recycling technology, mechanical engineering and process engineering have the right solution for every customer requirement.

Our high-performance sorting systems and components equally represent our cutting-edge technology, top quality and an all-encompassing, worldwide premium service.


STADLER believes that in order to succeed in providing the support and contacts needed for growth within the market a dedicated entity must be within the territory. As such STADLER has, as of March 2016, opened such a dedicated office in Colfax, North Carolina to support the North American market.

STADLER key facts

STADLER sorting plants feed the worldwide recycling loop.

STADLER single components ensure the best purity rates.

experienced specialists provide new and even more efficient sorting facilities. 

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