Test and Development Centres

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Comprehensive performance testing

In our well-equipped test and development centre, we run through various scenarios to find the ideal solution for every requirement. Here we test our units thoroughly in terms of function, wear resistance, flexibility and performance.

In addition, our centre in Slovenia is an innovation centre under whose roof STADLER's research and development activities in the area of the plastics sorting process are housed.

Modular and flexible

The STADLER Test and Innovation Centre in Slovenia also offers demonstrations of the sorting process. By means of bypass constructions, the sorting process here in the test centre can be designed flexibly according to the wishes and requirements of our customers. This allows them to see the sorting process planned for their plant with their own eyes in advance and make an informed purchase decision on this basis. In addition, training courses for customers and employees are offered at the centre.

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Fine tuning down to the smallest detail

We also verify the throughput and sorting quality of our ballistic separators under real-world conditions using test runs with material samples from our customers. This enables us to design new and existing systems for the customer precisely to their specific requirements – and thus increase their performance to a maximum.