Environment, economy and social interaction in harmony.
Maintaining the system's regenerative capacity by careful use of our natural resources.
These are cornerstones of sustainable thinking and action.

Infrastructure for a circular economy

A functioning circular economy plays a key role in this. In this spirit, we are constantly working on new developments to address the global problem of waste.

STADLER offers the right infrastructure needed to build a functioning circular economy. With our highly efficient, high-performance sorting systems, the waste is reliably separated, sorted and then recycled. This not only counteracts waste production around the globe, but also leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Internal sustainability management

However, not only do our waste sorting facilities consistently follow the concept of sustainability but this ethos is practised on a daily basis within the company. Since 2019, we have intensified our efforts and started to build a comprehensive sustainability management system. We continuously optimise our internal processes holistically in line with the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

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